Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Web hosting co that Stu and I use is evil. The regular page is down right now. Stuart is working on sorting it right now. . . So hang tight!

Friday, July 07, 2006


If any of you are going to the site you will find a lovely little message saying that the account was suspended. At first I thought Stuart had forgotten to pay the bill- It turns out that they think I am a spammer. . . > Hello, > > Our Network technicians have been alerted to > unsolicited emails sourced to an add-on account > created under your primary account: > > ---> > (Link: > on monroe - exploited blog comments section beign > used for spamming. I've been being hit with a lot of gambling spam- and I added a trackback validar pug in- I'm wondering if that is the problem. . . I'm sad.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Turning out the lights

So it is now time for the big switcheroo. . . For the twenty of you that like to read Nicole in London, you can now find me at

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend. I'm not sure why they give us May Day off here. I assume it has more to do with the traditional Roman Festival than the power to the workingman reasons, but I would like to think it is a mixture of both. Singing The Internationale around the May pole maybe? My plan was to relax Friday night. Maybe go to the pub for a pint but no more than that because after two nights of drinking, I felt pickled. Saturday was yoga in the morning then a walk along the river then maybe a movie in the evening. Sunday was Kew Gardens, Monday is David's birthday lunch at David and Amanda's house in Kent. Then life happened while I was making plans. Friday after lunch, I felt a tickle in my throat. Full on cold. Blah. So. . . no yoga and no Kew today. I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be ok for David's birthday. I did make a nice soup yesterday however. I took Barbara Kafka's recipe for garlic broth and mixed it with some ingredients from Rick Bayless' Mexican chicken soup. Even Stuart had some. I was well chuffed.

Friday, April 28, 2006

LA Times Festival of Books

If you are in Los Angeles this weekend, I strongly recommend that you go to one of my favourite things to do- The LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA. Next year I am planning a vacation back to America since I have now missed it two years in a row.

The Circus

They sent us to a Circus Training School for a team building event yesterday and it was a lot of fun although today my legs are killing me from the acrobatic balancing part. I was rather disappointed that we didn’t get to go on the trapeze, but given the number of people that we had and the opportunity for serious injury and likely death, I’m not surprised that they skipped that portion of the circus training. The walking on a wire thing was really frustrating and it gives you an enormous appreciation for performers that do it. I vacillated between having fun and feeling like an elephanty cowish blob when we did the pyramid thingy. They were taking pictures of all of us and I am rather terrified of what photographic evidence there is of the day. . .

Thursday, April 27, 2006

First London Concert

Jen (Preston) dragged me to my first concert in London tonight. . .Wolfmother. They are a mix of Led Zeppelin meets the Doors meets AC/DC meets White Stripes meets. . . I don't know what - but it Wolfmother. They are a lot of fun. Although I was rather frightened by the liberal use of the devils horns symbol from the masses. If they had yanked out a lighter at a slow song, I wouldn't have been surprised. So my evening was: Drinks Vietnamese food Venue drinks Concert Drinks Tube with people all more tipsy than we were. (We were rather concerned about one Bankerish fellow listening to his iPod that he would tune out and miss his stop but he pulled it together. He was wearing a black suit jacket, purple tie with pink swiggles and a pink gingham shirt. I have to say that I respect the London Mans ability to wear pink. I think it suits them. For whatever homophobic reason, you don't see men wear pink in the Western states of the US.) Kebab Water Blogging. Bed. Life is good. So what I got audited. I only owe a little less than 2K. I'm on a payment plan. . . It's all good dude. Rock on. * *Please forgive my use of the phrase "rock on" as well as the word "dude". It was brought on by retro head banging music and two double vodkas on the rocks with a twist. I promise it won't happen again.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You know you have been in England too long when. . .

Spying a woman on the tube wearing a monkey vomit hounds tooth jacket, flouncy skirt, fish net stockings, leather ankle scunchy Madonna circa 1982 boots and instead of thinking. . . “If she only knew how ridiculous those stockings are and how fat those boots make her look.” You think, “Maybe I should buy fishnet stockings and ballet slipper flats.”

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Big Envelope

When you get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, you do not want to get a big envelope. A big envelope means that you are being audited. Being audited is bad. Today I got a big envelope. For 2003. There is a benefit to being across the world in that I do not have to go to the meeting. I don't have my receipts anymore so it's a big case of "Okay. . . tell me what I owe." Sigh.

You have to be kidding me

Window shopping online at Banana Republic. A number of the skirts include the blurb, "Now in size Double-Zero". So there is some skinny anorexic bitch out there that a size ZERO is too big for her boney ass?? So not fair.