Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Free to move about the world

I feel like George Bailey picking out his suitcase. My passport came today. I’ve been in Catch 22 bureaucracy hell. I can’t get my work visa without a passport. I couldn’t request an expedited passport without an itinerary. I can’t get a flight without a passport. But I have my passport now. This is happening. I will be leaving soon. I think there must be a special camera made for the government. A camera that creates photos where the subject looks as ridiculous as possible. My driver’s license photo is particularly awful not only because my hair is doing interesting things, but also because I am 200 pounds, (although I lied and claimed 180 on the paperwork). Now that I am much lighter, when some kind dear soul cards me, I can see a glint in their eyes. Their raised eyebrow subtext that says, “My. You have lost weight.” I’d wanted to be at my goal weight for my passport photo which is what I say is the reason I’ve delayed and not gotten it all this time even though I’ve wanted to travel. Truth is I am just lazy. Having the passport would mean no more excuses for not taking action. My punishment for my delay is the worse possible photograph that I will be living with for ten years. My head is lifted up in an attempt to hide the post Holiday and Hawaii vacation excess double chin. The flash caused me to squint so my eyes are Renee Zellweger squinty. I look like I just smoked a massive joint and my eyelids are too heavy for me to manage to keep open. I love this photo. I love this photo because it is in my passport. I can go anywhere. Well. Within reason. I may need to rethink Burundi and the Sudan.


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