Thursday, March 10, 2005

On going to Casablanca for the water

Okay. I was misinformed. . . Looks like it is going to be even later before I'm leaving on a jet plane. This entire process has been frustrating and far too boring to go into the entire play by play. However, in the last round of my corner of International Travel Hell. . . 2/28/05-- The lawyers have in their happy little hands all the bits of information they need for the visa and I. . . because I am obviously-- stupid. . . assumed that it would be submitted fairly soon after. 3/9/05 I write a simpering, "if it isn't too much trouble could you tell me where we are at with the process and oh, yes thank you for all of your hard work. So appreciated. Yes. Thank you. Cheers." e-mail. It seems that it wasn't turned into the Government Paperwork Gods until yesterday which means I will be not be ready to go to the British Consulate for the next five to ten (business) days. And oh yeah, once I turn everything in there, it will be two (business) days before I am ready to run away. The upside to all this is the later I go, the warmer it will be. April in Paris and all that shit. It will all work out. I know, I know. I'm just tired of the hurrying up and waiting. I want to go-go-go!


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