Thursday, March 24, 2005

Oy Gevalt!

Bite Me Can I just say that packing for three months is really rather difficult? Hoping to get the last main bulk of it completed tonight and I will clean tomorrow and then sit with Paul on the sofa and watch ten Daily Shows in a row. Flight is at 5pm Saturday so I will need to leave my apartment at 1 to get there three hours early so I can be strip searched for explosives and pointy objects. In this weeks episode of International Travel Drama, our heroine Nicole found that her ATM/Visa card had been disabled by Bank of America. It seems that someone had gotten the number and attempted such small transactions as $14,000, $5000 and $3,000. Our intrepid protagonist was a bit pissed considering that she needs her ATM/Visa card to pull cash to eat and more importantly drink while visiting the UK. Bank of America is FedExing a new card and it should arrive into Nicole's happy little hands on Friday. Chapter Two. Good News is I am not the victim of Identity Theft (because frankly no intelligent thief would attempt to steal my available funds and credit unless all they want is a dozen Dunkin Donuts). Bad News is the Rental Company managing my flat charged my card because somehow the fact that my company was wiring the money and that it would be there shortly was not made clear to someone who is responsible for such things. I was a bit snippy in my e-mail expressing my displeasure. While "You ignorant, fuck-wad cocksucker" was not implicitly used, it could be inferred in my subtext. Something that I have noticed with e-mail correspondence from the British is the use of the closing phrase "Best Regards". For me this feels rather intimate. I feel more comfortable with "Regards," but is that too intimate for the British? Agh, so much to learn. And I’ve been instructed to not use the word cheers instead of thank you. I am curious about the proper level of British phrases an American may Borg into their vocabulary. For example, “mate” seems pretentious, but “brilliant” sounds relatively normal. I also feel this way because I have been saying “brilliant” for years and it makes me happy and I don’t want to give it up, no matter how affected it makes me look.


At 3/25/2005 07:05:00 PM, Blogger Saint Buryan said...

As a Brit I may say cheers to other men in a fairly informal situation. I would say Thank You or Thanks Very Much or Thanks to everyone else.

I would not say this is pretentious. It is however very informal. Girls would tend to use this in a jokey way to their friends.

People who having a "working class" background or are more cockney than most use the terms "Cheers" and "Mate" more than most. From anyone else it will appear false.

Nothing wrong with that :)

As far as the "Best Regards" go this is meant as a friendly gesture and is normal, I would say over here. I have also seen "Kindest of Regards."

However all my observations above may just be peculiar to me!


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