Friday, April 29, 2005

Food, Glorious Food

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I seem to be talking a great deal about food. Those that know me know that I have a scary collection of cookbooks and that I am a closet foodie. I'm far too lazy to be a great cook but I do make a mean eggplant manicotti and my speciality is chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes baked en papillote finished off with a lemon butter caper sauce.

Yesterday I ate very well indeed.

Had a business lunch with my boss and the European Business Director at The Red Fort which is a very classy Indian Restaurant. A bit different from my Brick Lane experience. Brick Lane you walk along and they try to talk you into going to their restaurant by giving you deals- Free drinks and half off meals, etc. You walk by the first few guys and when the third or fourth guy sees that you shook of his neighbours, he will give you a better deal.

The Red Fort is a bit more formal. Not a pappadam in sight. Amazing food. Had spicy prawns in some kind of heavenly curry sauce. I have to say however that I like Brick Lane better.

Dinner was at Rules which was established in 1798 making it the oldest restaurant in London. My boss took out the team to celebrate their making it past their probationary period. Very old school British formal dining. I had the best oysters in my entire life to start and for my main course the Fillet of Juniper Roasted Highland Venison, Jerusalem Artichoke & Chestnut Mushrooms which was OH MY GOD GOOD. Everyone that goes on and on about the British and bad food can just sod off.

They are sending me to Munich next week for a couple of days to help train the German Team which scares me shitless because the team doesn't really speak English. I will be attempting to discuss how to use the system to someone who will be translating for me. Should be rather interesting. I'll be staying at The Meridien and the office is a one minute walk away which will be nice. The next week they are sending me to Paris for two days. I won't have time to do much beyond have a glass of wine at a bistro but I am not complaining.

Tomorrow I am going to The Portobello Market with Jen, a new friend from Australia who has lived in London for six or seven years. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I hope so. I am a bit sick of wearing my winter coat.


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