Monday, April 04, 2005

Got a bit pissed

I've decided that the City of London has painted "Look Right" and "Look Left" on the sidewalk in the maze of one way streets, have done so not to assist tourists from becoming road kill, but to protect drunk Londoners stumbling to the tube. Friday I had a couple of pints after work with my colleagues here and the sidewalk was teaming with people drinking. I left about seven and every pub on the way home it was the same story. Saturday I had lunch at a crepe place with Janelle on Primrose Hill. On the way to her flat, I noticed a sign saying that William Butler Yeats lived there. I felt a bit silly for feeling so thrilled. There are these lovely round blue signs on the signs of buildings if someone important had lived there. This was the first sign of someone that I am familiar with and not Earl Whoozit famous for Whatsit. For those of you in LA, Primrose Hill reminds me of Larchmont. Small restaurants and shops, everyone out with their dogs and kids. Really great spot. After helping Janelle pack up her kitchen we met her new flat mate Suzy at a pub in Battersea and then we were off to a birthday dinner for her friend Lawrence at a fabulous restaurant called Little Bay. It was like a Moroccan bordello. We were up in a little alcove where the ceiling was inches above my head and it was covered in silk veils. The bathrooms had rather pornographic yet sort of tasteful scenes painted all over the walls, but the best part, aside from the fabulous food was they had opera singers singing while you ate. Fabulous. We caught a cab to Soho and met up with some other friends (or should I say mates) of Janelle and Suzy's and we did a bit of club hopping and then a cab back to Suzy's flat in Battersea where we drank more wine. I spent all of Sunday recovering from a massive hangover. Which is sad because it was a lovely spring day and it is gloom and rain today. Janelle and I are meeting our friend Ron who is here on holiday for drinks after work and then I am home to try and do a bit of reading. I apologize to all that have been clamoring for photos that I haven't posted any yet. I don't have Internet access in my flat and I had intended to sneak into the office and plug my powerbook into the network Sunday, but it wasn't scientifically possible for me to leave my apartment. Will try and manage it tomorrow. . .


At 4/04/2005 09:26:00 PM, Blogger Saint Buryan said...

Primrose Hill is indeed a lovely spot :) the view from the Hill itself over Regents Park and across the city is one of the best.

Anyway thanks ever so much for the pastrami and rye - I promise to have this across the pond in New York :)

By the by a top tip to see inside a beautifully authentic georgian house is Carlyes House in Cheyne Walk Chelsea -


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