Monday, April 18, 2005


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I had a great weekend and only one major disappointment. On the way to Blenheim Palace, I saw a Warning Old Person Crossing Sign and I didn't get a picture of it. I guess there must be a rash of elderly folks hopping into that particular intersection. I like the idea that you have to watch out for old people in the road like you would a deer. It kind of reminds me of the warning signs you see near the US Mexican Border warning you to look for illegal aliens dashing across the freeway.

I had an Elizabeth Bennett seeing Pemberly moment (read or watch Pride and Prejudice to catch the reference) when I saw Blenheim Palace.

I was a big dork as we drove along-- "Look! Cows! Sheep! Baby Sheep! Old building! Thatch roof!" 

We don't get houses with thatch roofs in America.

Being a passenger in the seat that I would normally be driving in did freak me out. What really got me were all the roundabouts. I hate roundabouts. It is amazing to me that there are not more car accidents over here from roundabouts. Roundabouts are evil.

We didn't make it to Leeds Castle as that was a three-hour drive away over in Kent (I guess. What do I know?)

Some more firsts this weekend: Ate bangers and mash. It was yummy, potato sausage goodness. I need to start a diet otherwise I am not going to fit in my clothes.


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