Wednesday, April 13, 2005

said cheers to a client

They're getting me. . . I actually said cheers to a client yesterday at the end of a call, but in my defense he said it first. My bosses boss said that it is now his goal to send me back to America sounding as English as possible. Some phrases that I love: Good Stuff Brill (abbrev of brilliant) taking a piss (their version of busting balls) pissed (drunk) ta (thanks) knackered (tired) sound (it's all ok) get sorted (things put together) wicked I brought my power book in to work today so I am going to upload photos later! I pushed myself too hard last weekend and my cold is still hanging around causing me to sound like I am coughing up hairballs every few minutes. Friday it was so cold, it actually snowed for a few minutes, and then this Monday it was sunny. Crazy weather. Absolutely impossible to know. Went to Camden Market which reminded me of a mixture of the Silverlake neighborhood in LA and Seattle. Also made it to Highgate cemetery which is really beautiful. Wandered over to The British Museum to see the mummies and The Rosetta Stone which was a huge thrill. I read so much up on that stuff when I was a kid and to then actually be looking at it? Brill.


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