Friday, April 08, 2005

Sick and Pathetic

I am having the full London experience. I have a terrible cold. It's kind of funny how terrible I feel and look. Boss was shocked that I came in today. Damn my perverse sense of responsibility! (I am fine mom. I am taking my vitamins. I am feeling much better today. No I am not lying) Last night I bought a Potato Leek and Cheese pie with mash and gravy at Square Pie in Selfridges and a vat of orange juice and sat on the sofa cuddled up in a blanket sneezing and sniffling. I have to say when you are sick and need comfort food, the English do know what they are doing. Can't eat too much of it because you will get enormous. Work is finally coming together as I now have all the systems available to me to do my job and I am starting to call my book of clients and already have positive action going there. One thing that you don't think about when coming to work in a UK office is small changes on the keyboard. Some things are in a different place like quotation marks and the @. I've always been a hunt and peck typist anyway so it isn't that big of a deal, but it catches me up every so often. Went to The National Gallery after work Wednesday with Stuart, a new work friend who helped get my computer sorted. When we were looking at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers he said, “I recognize that painting. I think I saw it on a Friends episode.” Love the English sense of humor. We are having a pool in the office for The Grand National For every quid you put in, you get a horse. Mine is "It Takes Time". Haven’t looked up the odds yet. Maybe I should stop at a Betting Agent on the way home. (Gambling is legal here). This weekend, (and I hear it now the way they pronounce it here which is "week end" two words not the American one word. This week end, depending on how I am feeling, I may go to Highgate Cemetery to visit Karl Marx and George Eliot. I also want to go to Camden which is a funky neighborhood near Primrose Hill that I have been told I will dig. My boss Bill lives up on Hampstead and he was showing me places I need to go. . . Yes, if I am feeling well enough I think that will be my next field trip.


At 4/10/2005 10:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so close you should go to St. John Lodge Garden to recuperate!



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