Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Entschuldigung. . .

I have learned a German word. . . Entschuldigung, which means, I'm sorry or excuse me so when you walk up to someone you can say, "Entschuldigung, I am one of those annoying Americans who only speaks English. Can you please direct me to the nearest bathroom." Normally I would put a question mark at the end of that sentence, but I am composing this on a German keyboard which is confusing enough with the z and the y switched among other things- but to make it worse, I have it set up for English so symbols are moved around on me and I have to remember where they are on the UK keyboard which is different the US keyboard. Anyway- a long way of saying I cannot find the question mark. Arrived in Munich late last night. Was exhausted. I stayed up late Sunday night finishing "The Shadow of the Wind" and then I went with Stuart to his parents house in Oxfordshire Monday morning so he collect the last of his things for his move to Canada. When I arrived, the immigration officer looked my passport all over looking for some reason to send me back from wherever I came from and finally reluctantly stamped it. Easily found a cab and 50 euros later I was at my hotel. Euros remind me of pounds in terms of the shape of the bills but they have this nifty foil strip on one side. Hotel is very posh indeed. It is going to be hard for me when I go back to my old life where I need to make the bed every day. The proper Bavarian restaurant they took me to for lunch is directly next to the Frauenkirche, a Catholic Church that was consecrated in 1494. Will post pictures later of course! We are going out for drinks tonight. . . This is going to sound pathetic and sad but I am too old for this. I think I have had maybe three or four quiet nights since I have arrived. I love going out but I feel the urge to turn hermit. Oh waaa. I know. "Oh, boo. Poor American girl is tired from having too much fun. My heart BLEEDS for you." Yes, you are right. I will shut up now. This last weekend I tried to go to Portabello Road but the crowd was so bad I couldn't deal so I wandered around my neighbourhood looking for buildings with blue plaques and visited The Wallace Collection which just around the corner from my flat. Sunday I took the tube to Kings Cross and said hello to the Magna Carta among other lovely books and bookishy artefacts at The British Library. They have a collection of The Beatles stuff as well which I think is delicious.


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