Thursday, May 19, 2005


Another word they use here is liaising. Such as, "Hello Nicole! I have been liaising with Anna." In American that means, "I have been working with Anna." Or, "I will liaise with Anna to resolve this issue." American: "I will work with Anna to resolve this issue." Stuart arrived this morning. He had been in Vancouver since 5/3/05 (Or, 3/5/05. I need to get used to European dates) The plan had been that we would visit each other a lot when we were in the same time zone and move him to LA and deal with the special hell that is getting the American K1 Fiancé visa. . . but he decided that he missed London and wanted to come back so now he is back. He grabbed me when he arrived and said, "You are real" in that cute little Oxford accent of his. So happy. I will be liaising with him later.


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