Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down
A Long Way Down,
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Gobbled the new Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down this weekend. He revisits the suicide stuff that he brushes with in About A Boy and the character of Jess is a version of one of the characters in that book as well. He uses The London Eye beautifully as a metaphor for the passing of time.

I didn't like it as much as How To Be Good, his last novel but I found it very effective. Don't want to say much more so I don't give anything away. I do prefer the UK cover to the American-- Has a bit more style.

Warner Brothers has already bought the movie rights and Graham King, Johnny Depp and David Heyman will produce.

After reading it I played Hollywood producer in my head for the adaptation.

First Mike Leigh should direct so it is not a big ball of happy let's all kill ourselves Breakfast Club tripe but something real.

If I were the casting director it would be the easy choice for Johnny Depp to be JJ, the failed musician which is boring, so I would cast him as Martin the just out of jail for shagging a 15 year old girl ex morning chat show host.

I would cast Steve Zahn as JJ because it would be nice to see him not do the wacky side kick thing. Given his background he can do a hell of a lot more and he can sing.

Emma Thompson for Maureen which she is too young for but she is such a centered actor she would be perfect.

And Jess. . . Jess is the hardest part probably because you have to hate and love her at the same time. You might think I am mad but I think there is more to Keira Knightley than what has been given to her so far. . .

Anyway. I am done playing Hollywood powerbroker.

One thing you can say is that if the film does get made, the soundtrack will be fab (if Hornby has anything to do with it).


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