Thursday, June 16, 2005

13 Conversations About One Thing

13 Conversations About One Thing
13 Conversations About One Thing,
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I saw this film in the movie theatre back in 2001 and I really loved it. They play it a good bit on cable if you ever get a chance to watch. Stellar performances all the way around.

I mention it because it is only being released in London theatres now. Sure there must have been a delay with foreign rights or something.

I know I am a spoiled film addict. I have been living in the center of it all for nearly a decade.

Big movies won't be a big deal-- seeing Batman tonight which I am very excited about because I love the director, Christopher Nolen (Memento, Insomnia) and I have liked Christian Bale ever since I saw him in Empire of the Sun (which I think is a seriously under rated flick).

Anyway. I will be cutting down on my some of indy film consummation when I move here.

On the cat front, Garbo and George are in the apartment. Gordon is still MIA. Joe is going to try and find him.

I feel terrible. I think he pushed open the screen because he thought I had abandoned him.


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