Monday, June 27, 2005

Deeply Embarrassed and Ashamed

I did something this weekend that I never thought I would do. Something that troubles me to my very core. Saturday I danced. I danced to Pour Some Sugar On Me, without a hint of irony. . . It all started innocently enough. After the bottle of red and helping Janelle finish her pitcher of sangria at the Spanish restaurant, we decided we wanted to go dancing. We tried to get into Barcelona, a postage stamp sized club that plays Spanish dance music but after twenty minutes in the queue we couldn’t be bothered. Janelle knew of a place and that is how we ended up dancing until 3:00 AM to AC/DC, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe. It was a complete blast and I now know where all the big haired 1980’s nostalgia fans hang out in London on a Saturday night. We hopped on a night bus and stumbled into the flat where Stuart, bless him had made up the sofa cushions for Janelle to crash. I’m really not sure how he managed that since he had taken a small hit of some hallucinogenic something or other and was babbling about the Pink Panther following him home. Then I woke up in the bathtub. I haven’t slept walked since I was a kid (that I know of). One moment I was happily tucked into bed, the next Stuart was standing in the doorway asking me what I was doing in the bathtub. “I have no idea.” Odd thing was I wasn’t slumped against the side of the porcelain—I was sitting up holding on to my knees. Stuart thought that I did it to freak him out. I am no where near that diabolical. I will never mix copious amounts of sangria with Def Leppard ever again. It makes strange things happen. Sunday Avi had us over for a dinner and we completely stuffed ourselves. Very odd that this is my last week here. I’m already rather booked up. . .Tonight I need to work on my CV for a job I want here. Tuesday Jen wants to have some sort of leaving do for me. Wednesday is my work leaving do. Thursday Stuart and I are dropping off some things at his parents house to keep it safe until we have our flat. Friday, we leave.


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