Thursday, June 02, 2005

Floating along with no news

I am a huge news junkie. Every morning I listen to NPR, I read the paper, I get all the jokes on The Daily Show. I take a perverse pleasure in knowing what is going on and having an opinion about it. I'm not as big a junkie as most of my friends, but I can name the justices on the Supreme Court, which most Americans can't. (I have zero patience for people who don't vote, who fail to take any pleasure in the democratic process who don't see their responsibility. People have died so you can vote. I think that is worth getting up a few hours early before work, don't you?) I blame the 2000 election results on one person. It was late afternoon in California and they had given Florida to Gore. One idiot that I worked with (who has since been fired for looking at porn on the job) said, "Do you really think your vote counts?" I could have happily murdered him later. True story. Before the Anita Hill scandal broke I was home from college and I asked my father (the yutz) what he thought of Clarence Thomas. I need to set this up slightly. . . My family was never very political and what they are political about leans/tilts/crashes to the right. I never thought about politics much until college and I became a bit like Beneatha in Lorraine Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun If you don't know the play go read it or rent one of the film versions. And, you should be deeply ashamed that you don't know it. (That's a hint into what I mean btw.) So I ask dad, (the yutz) "What do you think about Thomas." He said, "Nicole I have this and this and that going on. I don't have time to think about that." I remember thinking, you don't care who is on the Supreme Court? You don't care? How is this possible? (Ultimately this is what is wrong in America is that people do not see the correlation between their lives and something that feels so far away like The Supreme Court or the President or your Congressman. Even School Superintendent feels removed. It's like not seeing that smoking can give you cancer.) So with being over here, being taken out of my rhythm of the morning NPR, not having Internet access in the flat (which Stew just fixed for me btw!) I have been floating along and haven't been paying attention to the news at all. I am deeply ashamed to admit this, but in a way. . . it has been so nice. I can almost understand what my father (the yutz) meant. I will get back into knowing what is going on. But I am sure when I peek my head up, not too much will have changed. Suicide bombings in Iraq, landslides in California, Michael Jackson showing up in his PJs. Not as if Deep Throat is going to come forward or anything. . .


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