Sunday, June 19, 2005

Gordon back in

At least my apartment manager told Joe that he was. . . Joe went over there and the guy (Joe called him Mr. Mc No Toothness) tried to say that is okay that he wasn't in because he was coming around his apartment and he was feeding him. Joe got in his face and later that day my wonder of an apartment manager (that I am flipping paying to take care of the cats by the way) left a message that he was back in. I can't rip the guy a new one-- but oh I would love to give him a little piece of my mind. I know what happened. He is a lonely guy. He's an older Hispanic gay man with no money and no teeth. Every time you run into him he talks you to death. This was his way to have a kitty. If he pulls something like this on me again, I will knock out the rest of teeth.


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