Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I told Stu about yesterday’s log and he said that he takes issue with it and that I ought to write a correction so he doesn’t look like quite as big an asshole. He said, “I don’t want to elope, I just don't want anyone else there.” I told him that he wasn’t helping his case. . . We are having a compromise. . . We were going to have Stu’s friend Ollie officiate the wedding (was my foolish suggestion) which was rather frightening given that they have been friends since they were kids. They both have a love of practical jokes and blowing things up. We are now going to get hitched at a Vegas Chapel and then go back to mom’s house for the reception/Nicole’s-leaving-the-country-on-a-jet-plane-doesn’t-know-when-she-will-be-back-again Party. The best part (and this was my idea) is we are going to do a Drive Thru Wedding. Complete riot. The limo will pick us up at our hotel so we can pile our family in and then go get hitched. If we pay extra we can get Elvis to serenade us. Stuart’s mother is going to hate this even more than the Krispy Kreme wedding cake.


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