Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wedding Woes

Have had a bit of stress. . . Stu is still looking for a job, we have been looking for a two bedroom flat to share with Jen, and I came to the hard decision to adopt out my cats rather than bring them over here. (Have had more than a few tears about that one. Mom is taking Garbo. If there is anyone in the Los Angeles area that is willing to take one or two sweetheart adult boy house cats who have been fixed and have had their shots and are big cuddle-bugs. . . please let me know. George even fetches. Will post their photos later.) There are a few positions that may open up here at my company so the job thing will hopefully fall into place—but worse comes to worse I will get a gig at Foyles and live on £13,000 a year. My student loans are in dollars so the exchange rate would be in my favour. Stressing about moving what I can and contemplating putting everything else in storage. I have a ton of books and I have nice furniture. What is driving me nuts is there is nothing that I can do to move forward until I am back in LA. So, thinking about the wedding, (which will be a small affair at my mom’s house in October) has been fun because it allows me to make decisions and feel like I am moving forward. And I admit it. I love the idea of planning a party. I adore having people over so the idea of planning a WEDDING and that it is my wedding. . . well, it just seems too much fun. Christmas last year, I had a, “Let’s Watch It’s A Wonderful Life” party. I found a retro Christmas apron and I made fondue and devilled eggs. It was all very Donna Reed. Of course we ended up talking and drinking the entire night rather than watching the movie and Paul, bless him, barely looked up from downloading music onto my computer, but it was still fun. So my wedding. . . I’m not wearing a wedding dress. I found a cheap but cutsie retro white with red polka dots thing at a online shop that I give much too much money too. Found some fun retro invitations that I will be able to print the details on my computer. Rather than spending $500 to $800 on invitations I will be spending $90.00. I came up with the idea to have Krispy Kreme donuts instead of a wedding cake. It will be cheap AND it will be funny. Should be a fun party. Will have a lot of booze and food and will have music play lists set up on my Powerbook. Lots of friends some I haven't seen for a few years that are in Seattle and Boston plus Stuart's United Nations. Problem. Stuart really wants to just elope and every time I ask his opinion – he looks at me like I am growing hair out of my eyes. I just simply can’t get married without watching the people I love that are scattered all over the globe, get really drunk. There aren’t many chances in a girl’s life where it really is all about her. I would like one of those days. Stuart just wants us to be together and doesn’t want to deal with the drama of other people, which is completely understandable. We’ve had a couple of fun little arguments about it. He has come around and agreed to follow through on our initial plans so it is all good. (I did ask his permission to blog this as it is a bit of dirty laundry airing) What is hard is I am excited about planning a party because that is how I am and the person who is supposed to be sharing it with me acts as if I have suggested he get a back-ass & sack wax. It will be fine. . . I know it will be fine. It really isn't a big deal. We're mad about each other and want to be together and that is really what it is all about. (I just want to have a party too.)


At 6/08/2005 03:03:00 AM, Anonymous Ophelia said...

I think you should offer him a trade- he can either have this wedding or you can elope, provided he gets a back and sack wax AND the elopement is to Vegas.


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