Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The week of absinthe, shopping carts and Springtime for Hitler

Before the Jazz Club
Before the Jazz Club,
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Crazy week. Had a fabulous time hanging out with Aaron and Gina but in a way it is a relief that they are gone so that I will stop spending money and my liver can recover. If they stayed they would need to hook me up to a dialysis machine.

The day they arrived we took the tube to Westminster and then walked along the south bank. I dragged them into The Clink a prison museum which is great place to go if you want to throw away five quid.

They forgave me when a short while later we found The George London’s only surviving galleried inn.

Sunday was Camden Market and I am never, ever, ever, even upon threat of my toenails being ripped out of my feet by little yappy dogs going there on a Sunday ever bloody again.

I can deal okay with crowds but that place on a weekend will turn even the most callous city person agoraphobic. We escaped and walked through Regents Park and then caught the tube to Covent Garden then walked to Trafalgar Square and then I introduced them to Gordon’s, my favorite wine bar in the world.

We collected Stuart and went to another bar where Aaron became even more drunk or, as Jen would say, “completely off his tits.” On the way home Stuart tried to persuade me to hop into a shopping cart and he would push it. I wasn’t drunk enough to do anything anywhere near that stupid, but Aaron was more than happy to take my place. Cut to Aaron lying in the road. “London Blood” became a catch phrase.

It all became a huge blur. Westminster Abby, St. Paul’s, The Tate Modern, The British Museum, London Eye. . .pubs, restaurants, more pubs.

Stu just said that my blog is like an alcoholics downfall. . .

The Producers was an absolute blast. The original film is one of my favorite flicks, so I was looking forward to seeing it and the play totally lived up to what I had hoped. It is being performed at the Theatre Royal which I believe is the oldest existing functional theatre in the world.

Friday a big group went back to jazz in the crypt at the church in Camberwell Green. Late in the evening after a good bit of wine, Stuart encouraged Aaron to buy shots of absinthe . I didn’t see the preparation but they said that a bit of absinthe was poured into a glass, a teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of absinthe drizzled on it balanced on the rim of the glass. They set the sugar on fire, then stirred it into the absinthe then added equal parts of water to the mixture.

It’s fucking vile.

I abhor black licorice. If I liked the taste I might be encouraged to do it again but I really see no need.

Later that night/morning I had my first late night kebab which is the best food ever to have when you are drunk. It even beats Tommy Burger and Pinks.

Sunday they went home and Stu and I walked around in Hyde Park. Very quiet and calm.

Monday we went to Stu’s parents house and then his sister’s for dinner. It was really nice although I am starting to appreciate and understand the beauty of eloping.

This weekend Ollie, Stu’s partner in crime in many pranks will be coming to visit, It was my bright idea that he officiate our ceremony. It is rather likely that he will exorcize us rather than marry us. I am afraid. Very afraid. . .


At 2/16/2011 12:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the Producers at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane as well! I loved it. Thanks for the blog post!


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