Thursday, July 21, 2005

Because I don't have enough to deal with

So I have a little present from Gordon's break out from the apartment last month. Quick back story. Garbo has hair matrix tumors on the back of her neck. I had them checked out 8 years ago and they are benign. So I am petting her last night and I noticed that the tumors were a bit crusty with a bit of dried blood. I started to dig around in her fur and I found that she has. . . Fleas. All three cats have fleas. I have fleas. I am so skieved out. I immediately hoped on the Internet and researched fleas and flea treatment and prevention. (What did we do in the good old days?) So the plan tonight is to swing by the pet store and by some flea shampoo and some kitty collars. Then I am going to the grocery store for borax. I am going to vacuum five times tonight with the cat collar in the bag. I am going to wash the slipcover to my sofa. I am going to borax my carpet. Then I get to wash three cats. I will then give myself first aid. I will then retreat to my bedroom, which has been a cat free zone for four years. I will from there drink a large bottle of Chocolate Stout that has been sitting in my fridge since Sunday. In the morning I am going to swing by the vet before work get Advantage- topical cream that is supposed to be good. Maybe some pills for them take. Margee said it is really bad this year because of all the rain that we got. Ten years of cat ownership and I never had a problem and now I gotta deal with this. Poor kitties. Poor me. Die fleas. Die!


At 7/22/2005 09:24:00 AM, Blogger neil h said...

Don't bother with flea shampoos from the pet store - just get the stuff from the vet which will be stronger and more effective. Besides, have you ever tried shampooing a cat? Spraying and vacuuming the cats' bedding and anywhere they sleep will pick up any stray fleas but you need to do it thoroughly a couple of times over a month or so to get any young larvae as they hatch out.

It's not much fun, but it's all part of the joys of owning pets ... :-)


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