Friday, July 01, 2005

Last Day

I am never complaining about the traffic in Los Angeles again. Stu and I rented a van to schlep his stuff and some of my stuff (winter jackets, books, vintage Guinness ads) to his folk’s house. Left work at 2PM and we walked in the door to the flat at midnight. There is a kabab spot just near the Bond Street tube so we got something and happily ate chicken and lamb donner walking down Oxford Street. I think it is rather apropos that my last meal in London (airport food doesn't count) was a kabab. Bill did the leaving do speech thing and gave me some gifts. I was a weird mixture of mortified and pleased. There are some really fantastic people over here. For example: Where my desk is (was) is right on the corner and every single person walking into the Department would need to walk by me. At least 85% of them drum their fingers on the desk when they walk by. I made the mistake of telling Babs about it and from then on he went out of his way to strum his fingers loudly every time, or tap me on the head, or poke my arm. Was so funny. So many things I didn't get to do yet. Knowing that I would be coming back, I didn't push myself to get it all in. I started this blog as a fun way to keep my family and friends in the loop into what I was up to over the last few months. It will now start to morph into a description of the perils of an International move, a Vegas wedding and expat life. (We have decided to do the drive thru wedding. It is funny, tacky and it makes me happy.) My mom told me that my paternal grandmother (Nana) was telling one of her friend's about my wedding plans and she mentioned the Krispy Kreme wedding cake. Her friend thought this was the funniest thing in the world, told her granddaughter about it and the granddaughter is now doing it for her wedding! My grandmother's friend is completely mortified and told Nana that she isn't allowed to tell her anymore of my plans. A butterfly in Mexico flaps its wings. . . I have to admit that there was a part of me that came here hoping that there would be a job opportunity that would open up and that I would move here. After meeting Stu and knowing that he was planning on moving to Vancouver, I put that aside. (Also, I wasn't keen to work for my company over here. Some of the ways that things are over here feels backward to me.) So when it was decided that we would be here in London-- it was a bit of the "be careful what you ask for's." I miss LA. Wasn't expecting that. But if I was honest with myself, I have missed every place that I have lived when I left. Yes, even Cedar, City UT. I know I am going to miss London. I know I will be happy to come back. I know that someday it will be home.


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