Friday, July 01, 2005

Need to pack

Stuart left at 5:30 AM for the airport. This is the first time I have been up this early here and the light is rather nice and I can hear the birds outside. You don't notice birds so much in the late morning. Back home this would be a normalish wake up time for me in order to get to work at 7AM. After being here and consistently getting 8 hours of sleep every night even though I am going out, I really think I have been majorly sleep deprived the last few years. Does a bad thing to your personality I think. A sure sign that Stuart thinks I am pretty groovy is his flight itinerary today. He had initially bought his ticket when he thought he would be in Vancouver and was going to meet me at the airport when I arrived. Now with his being over here, he had to settle for a rather nasty schedule. His flight leaves at 8 and he lands in Toronto then he gets to enjoy a leisurely 3-hour layover before his flight to LAX arriving at 4PM. My flight leaves at 4PM and I arrive at 7PM. . . (I love the time difference coming home.) Joe, bless him, is picking Stuart up at the airport, dropping him off at my place and then coming back to fetch me. I feel a bit funny about Stuart seeing my apartment without me. My apartment is a definite reflection of my personality-- a bit cluttered around the edges. I tried to warn him about how many books I had. He asked if I had fifty books. I snorted and said I might have fifty cookbooks. . . A few weeks ago I read reviews for a new novel that just came out-- The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Everything I have read in the pre-reviews is that it is the next big thing and that it is actually deserved. It's a vampire story. . . Vlad the Impaler stuff which I loved to read about when I was a kid. (Okay, yes I know. How many nine year olds do you know sit and read about Cortez, Vlad the Impaler and Mummies. I was (am) a weirdo. I was a library junkie. I don't know how I managed to not get beat up every day after school.) Last Saturday Stu texted me. Next to your bed hun ;) I came home and there was the book, all 642 pages of it, so I have something to engage me on the way home. I am going to try and not sleep and just crash when I get home so that it is something near a regular sleep pattern. Saturday I pick up my car and then we drive to Vegas for a few days. So glad that he is coming with me. I would be a mess. I will be a wreak when he needs to leave. So I must pack now. Will catch a cab at noon for Heathrow. The time next we meet, dear reader I will be in America.


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