Sunday, July 24, 2005

When will the coughing end?

I am sure my neighbors are about to kill me for my 2am hack fests. I am ready to kill me. Had a nice time last night hanging out at the Tiki Ti then dinner at El Chavo with Darren & Nate, Linda & Dog Mike, Joe and Mike. Pathetic that I was in bed by 10:30. This cough thing is the longest I have ever been sick. My fever came back last night again so I took some Tylenol at 2 am and it is over 100 again today. Blah. WARNING: Definite girly whiney bullshit approaching. Today I am starting my plan to undue the damage from the last few months and to get rid of the food baby I am carrying around in my gut. I lost 70 pounds low carbing a few years ago but the last two years I have been really lazy about maintaining and I let myself creep back up a bit and then after London? Forgetaboutit. So I am back on the wagon but not so much Atkins as more Anne Louise Gittleman. Veggies and fruits that support certain organ functions, eggs and lean protein. No coffee. No cheese. No sugar. No beer. No wine. No problem. I've always been one of those people when there is something that I want, it happens. It is just a matter of honestly working for what you want and not expecting it to be a gift from the gods. And I really wanna fit in the dress that I ordered for the wedding. I don't right now which isn't a complete tragedy because it does come in a larger size. So weekly weigh-in. Today I am 154 or 11 stones. Goal is 9 stone.


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