Monday, August 08, 2005

Feeling Samantha

Been working on packing this weekend. Not really packing, more packing staging. The movers will actually pack the stuff for me into boxes but I need to have everything ready for them so it is easy. The clothes I am shipping are in bags in my closet and I have started to stack the books up in the corner. I will need to finish the rest of it after work this week because I am going to San Francisco this weekend. It feels odd knowing that someone will be packing my stuff. I feel slightly uncomfortable about it, yet pleased at the same time. It is also freeing knowing I am not shipping everything. The majority of my possessions are being sold on eBay, at a yard sale or donated to the Salvation Army. Knowing that the movers will be handling my stuff and detailing the contents of the boxes on a manifest has presented me with a problem that makes me feel rather Sex in the City. What am I going to do to with the sex toys? Not that I have that extensive a collection, but enough that I have a bit of a dilemma. There must be other people who have wondered how to traffic their dildos. I can't be the only one. Do I face the embarrassment of the movers or do I face the embarrassment of customs. I lean toward customs. What would Samantha do? Okay, bad idea. Samantha would put everything into her pocketbook and then take each item out one by one for the x-ray machine.


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