Monday, August 08, 2005

A little sad

I always feel a bit sad when people I don't know but respect pass away. I was really blue in June when Anne Bancroft died not only because I admire her work and spirit but also because I love Mel Brooks so much and I could only imagine the hell that he was in. This last week there have been three people whose work I respect who have died. Little Milton was an amazing Blues man. Think a blend of B.B King and Bobby Blue Bland. If you don't know Little Milton go find a copy of the song We're going to make it and you will see why he was so great. The Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer from the Buena Vista Social Club passed away this weekend. So mad that I never saw him perform. There were a number of times that he was in LA over the last few years and I never made it. Before Buena Vista Social Club he made his living shining shoes.

And last night Peter Jennings. Class act all the way. My favorite news anchor. Smart. Curious. A consummate newsman. Gentlemen- you will be missed.


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