Monday, August 22, 2005

Pizza and Random Celebrity Sightings

Had a celebrity sighting today which isn’t unusual in Los Angeles. I was walking on Larchmont to get some pizza from Village Pizza because I figured I had fallen so far off my diet I might as well have some of the best pizza in LA. I am a bit of a pizza snob. I’m one of those annoying people that doesn’t consider Pizza Hut to be pizza. Dough, sauce and cheese does not equal pizza. It is barely food. Sitting outside at one of the restaurants was Peter Dinklage. He looked right at me and I looked right at him and I managed to control myself from shrieking, “I love you!” The first thing I ever saw him in was Living In Oblivion (which is a really great little movie if you haven’t seen it) and I think it is a sin that he wasn’t nominated forThe Station Agent. I’ve only attacked a celebrity once. I was in the Apple store in Old Town Pasadena and Dennis Haysbert came in with a boy I assumed was his son. I wasn’t going to say anything to him then I decided what the hell. I really think he is wonderful. So I walked up to him and said, “I’m terribly sorry to bother you but I really enjoyed your work in Far From Heaven. “ He stuck out his hand and shook mine and graciously said, “Thank you.” I just really wanted to tell him how much I respected his work on that movie. He is someone else that was looked over when Oscar nominations went out. My favorite celebrity sighting occurred four years ago. I was in Quality waiting for Mike to meet me for breakfast. I was writing in my moleskine journal when he showed up. “Can I see your journal?” “What? Why?” “I want to write something.” He took my journal wrote something and handed it back to me. I looked at the page . JULIA ROBERTS --> I slowly turned to my right and there four feet from me was. . . Julia Roberts. I have always been more Inspector Clouseau than Sherlock Holmes.


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