Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Very bad.

I am a bad dieting person. Sunday I was over at Doug and Jamie’s watching Six Feet Under after Jamie's bowling birthday party. I really like bowling. Have only done it three times in my entire life but it's fun. Do they have bowling in the UK? They must. There were these really great lanes near where I live that they tore down to build a school. Was where they filmed The Big Lebowski. They were retro, ratty and run down with cheap beer. Had my 32nd birthday party there and it was a lot of fun. But at Doug and Jamie's after 15 days of being on the wagon I had two glasses of wine. Given that I can normally drink an entire bottle by myself, I guess that isn't bad. What is bad. . . Linda and Dog Mike are moving back to Chicago so last night we had a leaving do for Linda at The Cheese Cake Factory which is the quintessential American restaurant. Mish mash of various things with enormous portions that could feed an entire village in Guam. And as the name implies, they have cheesecake. I am addicted to their banana cream cheese cake and I succumbed. I woke up with a sugar headache. The scales still said 146 this morning but I don't believe them. Cheesecake is sneaky stuff. So no more bad stuff. Really. My co-worker Dathan thinks I am going about this all wrong. Since I am leaving soon, he things I ought to go to every restaurant that I love and eat whatever I want. This is a dangerous suggestion. My office is a hop skip and a jump from Porto's which is a Cuban bakery that has these Potato Balls that are over the moon. Mashed potato filled with seasoned ground beef, breaded, and then fried. I only had them once five years ago and I have never tried them again because I know that if I do, I will never want to eat anything else.


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