Monday, September 05, 2005

Calling Ex Pats in the UK

or anyone. . . The Vol Abroad Left a note asking me to forward this info on. If you are in the UK, this is a great way to help that much more. Vol wrote, "If you are paying taxes in UK, you can give directly to the Katrina relief through a British based charity (i.e. any charity with a British office as most large international charities will have) and this will qualify for the Gift Aid programme. That means that for every pound you give, 28 pence (that's your basic rate income tax) will be added on top from the UK government up to the amount of income tax you pay in this tax year. For example, we gave £100 to the Salvation Army- that means they get an extra £28 from the UK Treasury, which in 'real money' is nearly 50 bucks."


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