Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cats, Crocodiles and Cuvée Rouge

Garbo Poor Jen and Stuart. The flat we are renting is furnished but when they showed up Friday the "furnished" included all of the owners belongings including one stuffed crocodile. (Not a stuffed animal crocodile. An actual used to be breathing, living crocodile. I told him we should bring it out for parties. He wasn't amused.) Add to that the place is completely filthy. It is a good time to be over here in America. They have been working on labeling the owners stuff and sticking it in the attic so when we move out we can remember where it goes, cleaning and moving their stuff in. In between they have been getting lashed to deal with the impossibility of the situation. I spoke to Jen and she said, "Yeah. I was working on cleaning the kitchen then at 10:30 AM we realized the beer in the refrigerator was cold so we started drinking instead." Between my Australian flatmate and my British boyfriend I am in danger of becoming a raging alcoholic. Then again, those that know me, knew that was always a possibility. Speaking of which, I got my mother drunk last night. (I'm here in Vegas for Labor Day weekend to bring Garbo to the Parental Units. She is completely freaked out and keeps hiding in various spots around the house. She is a shy, shy girl. When I adopted her, her name was Bandita because it looks like she has a little mask on. When I saw how shy she is, she became Garbo. So. One cat in a new home, two to go. Paul is optimistic that he has someone for George, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. He didn't say, but I assume the foster parent is his girlfriend- which is fine with me since he always loved George. There aren't many cats that will fetch and jump four feet of the ground. . .) So, yeah. Got my mom pissed. I ordered a $1,000 worth of wine (3 cases red, 2 white and 1 champagne) from V. Sattui and it came in. Sort of funny-- Mom and Gary had the champagne at UNLVino a few years ago and Mom loved it, so she was excited about my choice of bubbly. I broke open a bottle Sattui Family Red to Mom protesting that she really doesn't like red wine. We drank two bottles. They are under orders to not have any more and if they do they need to replace it. I may be a drunk, but at least I have taste. .


At 9/04/2005 06:35:00 PM, Blogger melusina said...

Makes one wonder if they actually killed the croc they stuffed. So weird.

Garbo is so precious, looks like our Phoebe a bit. I hope you find good homes for the other two kitties.


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