Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yet another remake. Just read that there are remaking the German film Bella Martha and Catherine Zeta-Jones is playing the lead, Scott Hicks is directing. Now I am sure that it will be a fine film. It's just that I really like the German version. There are layers of things happening with class and different countries that transplanting the story to the US will lose. But what the hell do I know. It is a sweet story. It will make money if they don't fuck it up. Oh, hell, what am I saying, it will make money even if they do. So, go rent the German version. It is called Mostly Martha here for some odd reason. Sometimes, yes there are really great remakes or they at least don't suck ass-- but some unnecessary remakes that I can quickly think of. . . La Femme Nikita Tortilla Soup Psycho The In Laws (which firmly falls into the "What the Fuck were you thinking?" category) Stepford Wives Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Italian Job The Planet of the Apes The Truth about Charlie The Pink Panther - I know it isn't out yet but the making of this movie is a sin and Mr. Martin should be ashamed of himself. You've got Mail (I didn't even like the original Shop Around The Corner) Maybe someone will remake You've Got Mail in a few years and they will lambaste the main character for going to Starbucks while she claims to be against big soulless chains. And they will have scenes where people break up and it isn't a simple easy thing. Ephron did that in Sleepless in Seattle too. People break up and it is no big deal. HER: I can't marry you. I care about you and it kills me to do this to you. Kills me. Kills, kills, kills me. But, you see? You see. . . I have this thing. A thing. For a guy. A guy. A guy I heard on the radio and I just know he is the perfect man for me and you are just so obviously not. HIM: Well. Obviously you must get up from this table and go to him. Oh, no. I'll be okay. I'll find someone more like me. You know, someone with lactose intolerance. Anyway. If I gave myself more time, I could think of more. . . I am off to Ye Rustic Inn for a pint. . .


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