Saturday, September 10, 2005

Has YOUR play been performed in a combat zone?

My friend Joe is having his one-act play Scuba Lessons that he wrote a million and one years ago when we all had a lot less grey hair performed in in Iraq. And even better, he made The Stars and Stripes without even being arrested! Our professor Davey Marlin-Jones never was fond of the play but I think if he knew, he would tilt his hat back on his head, (Davey always wore a fedora) nod and smile and clap his hands. He would be very pleased. The human spirits need to create during difficult times never fails to surprise me. During the war in Bosnia (and don't get me started on how pissed I still am at Clinton for the delay in US involvment) there was a group of performers in Sarajevo that put on a production of Hair. They gave free shows when they could get electricity and the shelling wasn't too bad. Phil Alden Robinson during trips over there trying to get the US involved found out about the troupe and eventually was able to get them out and bring them over to the US. It is an amazing thing to me. You are under seige. You could be shot any moment by a sniper. And you put on a play. I think that is beautiful. So let's all tip our hat to Pfc. Jessica Surprise of the 94th Engineer Heavy Combat Battalion. Break a leg!


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