Friday, October 28, 2005

By By Beetle

Sold my car. I am sad, yet relieved that it is done and I didn't get in an accident before I handed the keys in. I kept having visions of a ten car pile up with me at the bottom. The dealer and Carmax both offered my 13K so I had to come up with the difference for the loan, which sucks- but what can you do. . . at least it’s done. Janelle's father took this photo not long after I got the car. Janelle was in town for the first time since she moved to London and had a gathering at what I think is my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Conquistador. When Janelle went to London, her father gave me her car - cute little early 90's Nissan. I had been living in LA for six years at this point and had been getting around on public transportation. (Yes. Really.) I think some people at work thought I had a DUI and had my license revoked. Who would choose to take the bus??? When I lived in Seattle there was no need for a car and when I moved here I was a broke graduate student and the American Film Institute was a ten-minute walk from my apartment. Then the grown-up persons job I somehow managed to trick them into giving me was just a 45-minute bus ride away and by the point I was actually making enough money to buy a car, I had a really healthy phobia about driving in LA built up. I liked public transportation because it gave me time to read. On average, I read a book a week. (One Hundred Years of Solitude tripped me up. That one took two weeks.) I liked saving money ($42.00 verses paying for insurance, car payment and gas). Sadly the money I saved went into my sushi budget and not into my savings. I never had to be the designated driver so I could get as drunk as I wanted and not worry about killing others or myself. The crazy people were fabulous for anecdotes. What is interesting about the bus and subway in LA is you do not see many young professionals using it. You see poor people. That is why more people in LA don't use the bus. It has nothing to do with it being inconvenient because there are a lot of routes that are easy breezy Cover Girl. It does have to do with Angelinos not wanting to be near or associating with poor people. Add to that that a high percentage of folks on the bus are brown people-- well forgetaboutit. Public transportation sucked when I needed to go to the doctor. Instead of taking a few hours off from work I would need to take the entire day. It sucked when there was a party and I had to beg for a ride. I wasn't able to do a lot of errands in different spots in town because there would simply not be time. The bus really sucked when there was a strike. It was during the second strike since I have been living here that Janelle's dad gave me her car. Once I broke my phobia, I decided I wanted something new so that February I got my baby. And it has now been sold. . . I still have a couple of the parking tickets- but the car no more. . .


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