Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cat Free Zone

Drove Gordon up to San Francisco yesterday and I came back home today. My apartment is rather lonely with no cats. They were also my alarm system. When I opened the door, if they greeted me, I knew that I was alone. If they didn't greet me, I knew there was a serial killer hiding behind the shower curtain waiting to chop me up into tiny bits. I was a bit weepy driving away from Ophelia and Peter's house. Ophelia was concerned that we couldn't find him to say goodbye, but hunting around for him would have made it worse for me. He will be really happy with them. The drive was really easy. I don't know why I thought it was a longer stretch. That part of the 5 is rolling yellow hills - a quilt of groves and ranches. Very Steinbeck. There is one spot that nearly turned me into a vegetarian. You smell it before you see it. Cows Thousands of cows. As far as you can see - a sea of cow. And the stench of cow farts is enough to make you faint. Anyway- In other cat news: George the little bastard has been peeing on things at my Mother's house. He went through a phase doing that when he was a kitten, but he hasn't done that to me for ages. Mom thinks he was punishing her for trying to teach him how to use the cat door. Garbo is doing really well although they discovered that one of her hiding spots is behind the stove. In order to get behind the stove she needs to jump up on top of the stove and then jump down behind it. I have a vision of her setting herself on fire at some point. In health news: I had the cyro surgery a week ago Monday, so that is done. Right up there on the list of things I never want to do ever again. Back when I had bronchitis in July, my doc took blood and when the results came back she wanted me to redo a test cause some results looked wonky. I have been putting it off but got in there last week. She called today and said my white blood count was low so I have to do another test, but she needs to get permission from the Insurance first (I love HMO's). I am certain it is nothing. If it was something serious, I would have lost weight. :) Glad that I gamed the system so I have health insurance for all of October. In wedding news: It is happening soon. Eleven days. Gulp.


At 10/06/2005 07:54:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

George has only done this twice. We have put one of the litter boxes back in the laundry room for him. He doesn't like going out to the garage. Thank goodness a couple of them are still using the kittie door and using the box out there. Wasn't a problem for Garbo at all using the kittie door. When trying to show George how to go out the door was a trama for both of us,me & George. I got his head through but then he put his back legs on either side of the door. Couldn't budge him. But after finding the second spot I lost my cool and tried to put him out the door - same thing two back legs on either side of the door -so I showed him. I put him through the door - Tail first. He has no problem using the door to get back in. So like I said one of the litter box is the laundry room. Will wait awhile like 10 days & try the garage bit. He has been through a lot of trama so we will give the guy a break.

At 10/06/2005 03:29:00 PM, Blogger Scott E D said...

Like I have said to Nicole many times before, it's nothing a good swift kick won't cure.

At 10/06/2005 04:44:00 PM, Blogger melusina said...

Poor George. He's been introduced to so many new homes, travelling, mommy gone. This is hard on cats - especially males.
It is good you are giving him some time to work out the trauma and get used to the new home. If he isn't normally a peer outside the box I am sure it will stop. In case he has that urinary tract problem that male cats get frequently, which I suppose *could* have popped up as a result of the stress.

At 10/09/2005 06:00:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon is here right now.

And he just unleashed a stinky fart on the keyboard.

Apparently, you are missed.

Also, apparently, this cat's digestive tract is not used to a can of wet food a day.


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