Saturday, October 01, 2005

Growing Up

I grew up at my job, (Some, myself included would say that it is still a work in progress). The woman from HR that did my exit interview just came to us a few months ago from Nestle and that was the wording she used to talk about her gig there. "I grew up." (I like to get people to talk about themselves. It is one of my tricks to make them think I am a fascinating person.) I knew what she meant though. I grew up at my job. Guess I can say the name now that I don't work there anymore- which became Overture then Yahoo. (Istanbul, not Constantinople). Yaaaahhhhhooooooooo! (They made us yodel at our first company meeting after the big purchase- which was. . . okay. Rather disturbing.) I got the job when I was 29 and now I am making plans with Darren to go to Burning Man the year we are 40 which is really not that far away. But growing up isn't an age thing and frankly it is still a work in progress for me. This gig was my first corporate Office Space job. Looking back I wish I did some things differently, but then again I am happy that the cookies crumbled this way- otherwise I might not be looking at a life with this wacky blue eyed man with a devastating sense of humor and such a big heart. Rather terrified I will find a way to fuck it up.


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