Saturday, October 29, 2005


I like to glance at my tracking every so often and see what corners of the world my traffic has come from. Other bloggers I read have noted the weird things people search on when the stumble upon their ramblings. Mine have been fairly innocuous although when I posted about my tit top there were some interesting searches. Today I got a hit from a search on 'photo young girl naked "third world" tribes'. It took him to my post of the Zinn article on the genocide Columbus perpetrated on the Arawak Indians that the US wraps up in a pretty red bow and calls "discovery". The individual doing the search for young naked third world girls lived in El Paso, Texas. I wonder if he learned anything? My guess is no since he only stayed on for, oh let's see- zero seconds. I have no issues with porn. Not one of those women that freaks out about it. (Stop reading Mom.) I actually enjoy watching it once in a while as long as the cast does not include Ron Jeremy-- but someone wanting a picture of a naked third world girl is a wee bit disturbing. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he doesn't want a picture of young girls for porn. Maybe he is working on an anthropology project and he needs the visual aid. Yeah, right. . . not so much. . .


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