Thursday, November 03, 2005

Feeling a wee bit teary

Last Night in LA at Tom Bergin's with the boys Feeling a bit teary. Wasn't expecting that. Things I will miss about LA. A good shower. I have been told that our shower in the flat is complete crap. S has taken to showering at work. I am looking forward to our trips just so I can have a decent bath and shower. Being in the center of the movie universe. I may have stopped wanting to be part of the industry a while ago but I like the info you hear just by being here. Plus good screens like they have at the ArcLight. Mexican Food. Walking out my door at 1 AM and getting the best Thai food outside of Thailand. Zankou Chicken. The garlic sauce at Zankou chicken especially. The beach. Okay I hardly ever go, but every time I go I think, I missed you beach! The weather. Grocery Store. I will miss Whole Foods. I will miss Trader Joe's. I will even miss Ralph's. You walk in and they have what you want. Not only do they have what you want, but also there are ten different variations of what you want. Ordering a simple drip coffee at a Starbucks and they understand me. (Every Starbucks in London it seems that the baristas don't speak English. When all you are ordering is a cup of coffee, it can be frustrating.) Good pizza. Yes, there is good pizza to be found here. my favorite is Village Pizza on Larchmont. Driving a bit too fast on the freeway with my music blasting, singing along. Walking in the morning and you catch a whiff of jasmine or some other flowery flower. Or walking at night in the fall and the air is crisp but not freezing and there is that fireplace burning wood smell. My friends. Things I will not miss about LA Being in the center of the movie universe with all the poser people that cling to it like cat hair on a cheap suit. Sunset Boulevard on a Saturday night. Trying to make a left hand turn. There are maybe five left hand turn signals in the entire city. In order to turn left when the light is green, you inch into the intersection and when it is clear you turn. Problem is it is usually not clear until the light turns yellow. At this point you need to use the force to determine if the cars coming toward you are going to try and push through the yellow light or stop. They are usually pushing through the yellow light leaving you to turn left when it is red and other cars are coming at you from the other direction. Smog. Panhandlers. Current governor of California I am sure I can think of more but I have a lot of last minute things I need to finish up. See you in Londinium!


At 11/03/2005 08:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have always been true to yourself - that is just one thing that I have admired about you. I am proud to call you daughter. I ask one thing of you.
Be happy.

At 11/05/2005 06:19:00 PM, Anonymous Ophelia said...


Good luck! Avoid Mush Peas! Avoid Marmite! Send me nonlatex cervical caps from Boots!

Oh, who was the kitty's vet? Eventually we will need his records...

At 11/06/2005 05:39:00 PM, Blogger Vol Abroad said...

I like Mushy Peas - but I admit they are an acquired taste.

Marmite - I can take it or leave it.

There is good pizza in London, good Chinese, too. Ask for a "regular coffee" at Starbucks or an Americano at Pret A Manger. Just basic regular coffee.

And I think you'll find left hand turns just so much easier here!


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