Friday, November 25, 2005


Sat around all day looking for jobs on Monster that I know that I can do but that they won't let me have the chance to do cause for --wahtever. You know the song. Just can't dance to it. Left to get a bite and wandered into a nice restaurant in my neighborhood that has couches instead of chairs and had a nine quid cheeseburger and a few glasses of red. Okay four. But who is counting. My liver gave up on me years ago. I'm reading Andre Dubus short stories. I have been for the last three days, which is a recipe for depression. Is like saying, I think I will ring up my father or my crazy sister(s) when I am drunk and seeing how that will go and we all know how don't we? But I'm reading his sad stories in this obnoxious little restaurant in my cheap little neighborhood and it feels good. Being alone. Gray skies. Good overpriced burger that I know S would mock me about if he was here, red wine, amazing stories (if you don't know Dubus pick him up- the flicks In The Bedroom and We don't Live Here Anymore are adapted from his work). Leaving now to meet S and the band. Tomorrow, Graz.


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