Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So Sad

Our broadband has died leaving us without Internet access in the flat and we all feel cut off from the world, which is overwhelmingly pathetic. There is an Internet cafe a block away from our place so I am able to get my fix. Last night Basil took S and I to a cute little Italian place in Holborn- La Porchetta and we pigged out (no pun intended) on really nice and reasonable Italian. Will be going back soon to try the Pizza. S and I need a larger bed or we are going to cause serious injury to each other. A few nights ago, I was climbing back into bed late at night and I didn't realize he was laying on the end of my pillow. I sort of swung my head in to move my hair out of my face and head butted him straight out of a sound sleep. Last night, he yanked my pillow out from under me to take it for himself. "Hey!" "Waa?" "You took my pillow." He reached behind himself, grabed his pillow, gave it to me then once I was settled shared the corner of it, cuddled up against me. When I mentioned it to him this morning he had no memory of it and wondered if I dreamed it all. It is defintely a Comedy of Errors with us.


At 11/22/2005 02:14:00 PM, Blogger melusina said...

Ah, the bed issue. Until we moved here a few months ago, my husband and I had a king-sized bed (that we had brought over from the U.S.). It was a wonderful bed, but was showing great wear (thanks to cats) and we decided to scrap it in the last move.

Unfortunately, a king-sized bed won't fit in our bedroom here, so we are having to readjust to a queen sized bed. It hasn't been easy. My husband still insists on sleeping in the middle of the bed even thought there isn't a middle anymore. =p

At 11/24/2005 11:54:00 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

Yeah I have gone from a queen all by myself to sharing a full size. Ugh.


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