Friday, December 30, 2005

Back from Hungary

I will upload pictures and talk about it later. We had a really nice time. Jen called us on the 28th with the news that on Christmas day the boiler in the kitchen decided it would be a good idea to spew water everywhere- all over the microwave, all over the stove and oven, all over the floor where it dripped down to the flat below us. Luckily she was here and was able to get a plumber to come out and turn the water off. Bad news is that boiler is what controls our heating. Good news is the boiler that does the hot water for taking baths and showers still works. We were supposed to arrive in London this morning at around 10:00 AM but it snowed last night in Budapest, and the flight was rather delayed. We sat on the plane for over four hours waiting for the runway to be okay so that we could leave. When we walked into the flat I was ready to go back to Budapest because it was warmer there. "I can see my breath!" "Thomas, stop whinging." We discovered that S had left his window open so now that that is closed and we have some space heaters set up, it isn't too bad in here. We were going to have a few friends over tonight for some food and drink and Mathieu brought something nice back from Paris but he needs the stove to cook it. At first we thought we would go over to his place tonight but with S and I getting in late today and feeling a bit knackered, we are going to go over to his place tomorrow night. The plan for New Years was to go to our local and then go watch the fireworks over by The London Eye, but the tube workers are striking tomorrow so I'm not sure if that is still on the itinerary. So instead of the local we will be going to Mathieu’s for red wine, champagne and some mystery French food that he has brought back for us. Tonight we are going to have red wine and champagne and maybe have a game of drunken Monopoly. Handyman plumber electrician person is coming by on Tuesday to look at the boiler. Hopefully we will get our central heating and our stove back then. . . With our evil estate agents, I'm not counting on it.


At 12/30/2005 11:45:00 PM, Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Ouch - don't ya hate it when the holidays get in the way of things that just need to get done!

At 12/31/2005 03:04:00 AM, Anonymous melanie said...

Do the tube workers strike often or did they get the idea from the NY transit guys?

I can't wait to see your pics.


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