Saturday, December 17, 2005

I love John McCain

Oh how I wish those rumors swirling about who Kerry was going to pick as his running mate had come to fruition. There is no way McCain could have done it though. Republicans may hate each other (as McCain hates Bush) but they stick together like a sick abusive family. I love that he is sticking it to Bush and because he is playing by the rules Bush can't do much more than suck his thumb and whimper, "Daddy, I thought this would be more fun. . ." There is the torture bill that he sponsored that Bush finally had to stop fighting and then yesterday McCain sponsored a bill to tighten lobbying rules. I love, love, LOVE it. I would prefer that he would be honest and say out loud what he thinks about the President. I mean everyone knows but your average person in the US doesn't. It is obvious that he is making a 2008 Prez bid. And I think the man is a nut. I don't agree with him on so many issues however I do respect him and I am happy to take Bush getting a comeuppance anyway I can get it. Wouldn't it be fantastic if he had a complete flashback meltdown and said in public exactly what he thinks?


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