Monday, January 30, 2006

LOVE the Skype

When I was still in the USofA, Skype was a great way for S and I to talk- Is completly free if we are both at our computers. Since I've been on this here island, I've used it a few times to call my Mom. She hasn't yet figured out how to use on her computer, so I just call her land line. It only costs something ridiculous like $0.003 a minute so it is great. Today was a hallalulah moment. S told me that 800 callls to the US are free. I'm thinking- I can make 800 calls to the US? I would even pay for that! And on Skype they are free??? Over the spring to make my car payment, I had to depend upon the kindness of strangers (well not really strangers. Folks I worked with and trusted with my ss#) to call Volkswagon and make my payment over the phone for me since I couldn't call a 800 number from overseas. Now I can call! Not that I have a desparate need to call 800 numbers all the time but when credit cards and student loans only provide 800 numbers, what is a girl to do? As luck would have it, just this AM I e-mailed one of my student loans to see if I could get a deferment and they of course told me to call the 800 number so it is like kismit. Except different.


At 1/31/2006 02:02:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Sugar
You better not say you created a monster. I broke down and I am hooked up to Skype. Yes it was easy - even for me. You shamed me.
I even have my picture on it. Today when I called you on my cell and you called me at the same time I took your call - Didn't realize I was putting the call I made on hold. So I figured I better KISS.


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