Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pub Quiz

I love London pubs. And it's not just because I can drink gallons of Guinness. Although, yes, okay. That's part of it. I love how the Stella goes into the Stella glass. Carling into the Carling glass. Guinness in the Guinness glass and Guinness Extra Cold in the. . . well-- you get where I am going with this. In America, at least in my limited experience living and visiting in eleven states, when you order a beer it comes in a generic beer glass. And the Guinness Extra Cold thing? How fantastic is it that you have regular cold and then extra cold? I like how you can go into a pub in the afternoon with a book or a notebook and have a pint and no one messes with you. I would never go into a bar in America by myself. Here it is like going to a Starbucks. My new reason why I love London pubs is the . It's sort of like trivia pursuit with a hundred people and food and drink in close proximity. The last two Tuesdays we have gone to the pub quiz at The Frog and Forget Me Not (Of course I would adore any pub with frog in the title.) We haven't been completely slaughtered which gives us false hope that we will win someday. I am good for answers like Martin Chuzzlewit but then I messed up recognizing the first few notes of Sesame Street. There are a lot of soul destroying answers that I am glad we don't know the answer to, like the name of chat shows or how many men Paris Hilton has fucked*. It's all good fun. *This was a joke. No pub quiz that I have attended has asked how many times Paris Hilton has played hide the salami. First, there is no way the number could be substantiated. Second, given the fact she is a cheap whore, the number is in constant flux.


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