Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ripped From The Headlines

I'm trying to write a new short story that is the culmination of news clippings I have collected that somehow jumbled up into a story in my brain. A woman dealing with her husband becoming an Elvis impersonator. The Armin Meiwes cannibal case An African Gray parrot "telling" his owner that his girlfriend is cheating Young Adults going into their rooms and not coming out for years. As you can guess, it's an odd little story, this thing I have going on between my ears right now. I'm worried that the style is a bit too arch. I'm enjoying writing it too, which makes me wonder if I am in my head and not being "visceral" as one of my playwrighting teachers used to say. (It always amused me that he used a very intellectual word to describe what he meant. I suppose I need to not worry if it sucks or not and just write the fucker. My favorite line so far: The Inspector said, “I’m afraid. . . I’m afraid. . .” He was in the habit repeating certain phrases. It was due to his owning an African Gray Parrot. “I’m afraid the babysitter has eaten your son.” Yeah. I know. I need therapy.


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