Friday, March 03, 2006

Caught on Tape

An excellent column by Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post. You need to register to read it, but it is free. Thanks to Joe for forwarding it on. It discusses the Katrina briefing, how after 9/11 rather than call the Pentagon, Bush (1. sat and blinked for a few minutes and then (2. Worked on a statement for the press. His trip to India being such a wham bam thank you ma'am resulting in his offending the Indian Prime Minister and a number of officials. Bush, The Idiot in Chief said, 'If I were the scheduler, maybe I'd do things differently,' to a group of Indian journalists last week. He tried to put the blame on the White House Scheduler?????? (Excuuuuuuuse Me. You're the PRESIDENT. You tell the Scheduler what to do nimrod. If you are going to LIE, be a better LIER!) From Froomkin's article: It's something that has puzzled the locals, at a time when Bush hopes to deepen economic and political ties with the world's largest democracy. It also frustrates his own aides, who have repeatedly pushed the president to spend time on the softer, cultural side of his foreign travel. According to those aides, it is the president -- not his scheduler -- who cannot be convinced to carve out time to respect the local culture." Big Fucking Surprise. But he sure has plenty of time to be on vacation in Texas and look like he is a man by moving brush around. The Man has zero curiosity, which to me is one of the biggest sins a person can commit. (Oh yeah, that and cooking evidence to go to war so you can Nation build.) I disagreed with his father on a lot of things, but I never would have said that he was not a curious person. Froomkin cites a story that "former Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal writes in Salon, with a tale ostensibly from within the White House. "[A] Republican wise man, a prominent lawyer in Washington who had served in the Reagan White House, sought no appointments or favors and was thought to be unthreatening to Bush, gained an audience with him. In a gentle tone, he explained that many presidents had difficult second terms, but that by adapting their approaches they ended successfully, as President Reagan had. Bush instantly replied with a vehement blast. He would not change. He would stay the course. He would not follow the polls. The Republican wise man tried again. Oh, no, he didn't mean anything about polls. But Bush fortified his wall of self-defensiveness and let fly with another heated riposte that he would not change." Maybe he can explain all of this in a Press Conference? Oh. . . yeah. Forgot. He has the least number of Press Conferences than any modern President. The odds of him of doing one soon are right up there with his doing the right thing for the country and the world community. George W Bush. . . You are such a wanker!


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