Monday, March 06, 2006

the dinner party

It went well over all. I did, just seconds after tasting the gravy and proclaiming it to be orgasmicaly good, manage to spill it all over my left hand and arm. For a moment my arm went bright pink I was worried I would be making my first visit to a UK hospital, but no blisters--- so all is well. I was more upset my tasty gravy ended up waxing our floor. One of my good crystal glasses that I shipped from America managed to get broken, but that is life. Things break. It made Stuart's "Take of your shoes off in the house rule" look really silly when we were afraid of stepping on glass. It's funny how good crystal (it was good too. If I think about how expensive the glass was, I want to cry. Christmas present from my mom. Sorry Mom) It is funny how good crystal shatters like crazy but cheap glass is easy to clean. I think dinner was good. I've never made a meal for so many people and it was beyond nerve racking. I think the big ass chicken kicked ass. I will post the recipe I used tomorrow. Now- I want to watch the pre show and then the Oscars but it turns out it is only for a channel you have to pay for. For weeks I have been asking people, can you watch the Oscars here and they have been telling me yes. Grrrr. I know it is stupid, but I love watching the Oscars. I have never felt further from Los Angeles than tonight. WHATEVER. I'll get over it Heather* I am going to try and get what I can online and I will watch Mr. Stuart (my 2nd boyfriend after Mr. Clooney) later. It still pisses me off. This is my superbowl Sunday. Blah. *Reference to the cult classic 80's flick Heathers.


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