Sunday, April 02, 2006

Silly and Vain Girl

Shoes From Planet Evil I should know better. For the last five years or so my knees crunch when I walk up stairs. Lately, I have been feeling a sort of vague pain- sort of like I am always sitting in a cramped space. We went to the theatre last night to see Sinatra at the London Palladium (more about that later) so I grabbed my Kate Spade evening bag, put on a pretty red dress and the shoes that you see above. I'm one of those people that believe you ought to dress up when you go to the theatre. It never fails to shock me when people show up all casual and scruffy in jeans. Maybe it is because The Theatre is my church. I dunno. There are certain things that I think are a sin and wearing jeans to an evening performance is one of them. A matinee is another story. So I dressed up. Put on the pretty red dress and the shoes that I knew would probably hurt my feet because that is what you do. I can put up with feet hurting for a certain amount of time. I'm genetically wired that way. I didn't think about my knees. Walking down stairs was a bit of torture like something Mengele would have thought up. I need to start doing yoga again. The show. . . Big Band, dancers and big screens with Frank singing. Some bits worked better than others-- Sinatra in voice over telling stories of his life with that rat-a-tat, ring-a-ding style was fantastic but a lot of moments felt really disconnected. Cold. Slick with no soul. My favorite bit didn't have any Frank at all. . . The orchestra did their version of Tommy Dorsey's Hawaiian War Chant and the four female dancers looked like they were seriously enjoying themselves as they bounced around on the stage and among the musicians. It was the most visceral moment of the entire show. There was a whole JFK homage (Sinatra was a big supporter and friend and had organized and performed at the inauguration.) Of course there was so mention of Judith Campbell, shared mistress Marilyn Monroe or that he became a republican when he became older, doing both inaugural balls for Ronald Regan. For the song The Lady is a Tramp, they flashed pictures of famous women he had affairs with, which I found. . . kinda tacky. We all know the man saw a lot of tail-- but really people. The Mia Farrow montage of course forgot to mention that they split up because he insisted that she quit Rosemary's Baby and she refused. But all in all it was a lot of fun. Chance to hear some fantastic music and a lot of it was really touching. It just needed oregano. (That's my shorthand for something was missing. It needed oregano.) But I am glad that we went. One section that really amused me was one of Frank’s voice-overs. He was railing at "What the kids today wear to the Theatre. " I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was one of the variations of the "In my day" speech. Looking around The Palladium at some of the outfits last night, Frank would not have been pleased. But I looked pretty for the Chairman of the Board. I have the sore feet to prove it.


At 4/02/2006 11:35:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Loveie as long as you didn't break anything or get an outrages contusion you're ok. Glad you had fun. xxxx


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